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Acorn Stove shop was originally Atlantic Chimney Service serving the chimney industry for 18 years We have now evolved into a supplier of quality gas, wood, and pellet heating systems as well as hearth accessories for homes.

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Gas Fireplace Accessories  | Acorn Stove Shop LLC

Having a fireplace is a great experience. Not only does it provide warmth throughout the winter, but it also adds a touch of winter charm to your home...

Wood Stoves  | Acorn Stove Shop LLC

If you want the authentic stove look, you have to buy wood stoves. At Acorn Stove Shop LLC in Easton, MD, we have a range of wood stoves that can make...

Pellet Stoves | Acorn Stove Shop LLC

Pellet stoves can be a great option for many customers. They are easier to handle and less messy, so they can bring you the warmth you...

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Top Quality

Having a great stove or fireplace can be a great help in Easton, MD. It is the cheaper alternative to having heating throughout the house, which can get expensive, so you want to have a stove that works great and that looks great, as well.

At Acorn Stove Shop LLC in Easton, MD, we are dedicated to bringing you the best stoves at the best prices. We do thorough research on each type of stove to be able to provide you with the most efficient models on the market today.

If you already have a stove and are looking for repair parts, we can provide this as well. We know how costly it can be to replace an entire stove and are more than willing to help you avoid that cost if possible by carrying the parts you may need to fix your stove.

We have a range of stoves, from classic wood stoves to pellet stoves, and we have lots of gas fireplace accessories you can choose from.

If you are looking to purchase a new stove or if you are looking for gas fireplace accessories in the Easton, MD area, you have to stop by Acorn Stove Shop LLC. We have everything you could possibly need to make your stove use a positive experience. Stop by our store today and ask us about our stock!